How to Vape with a Sub-Ohm for Massive Clouds and Bold Flavor

How to Vape with a Sub-Ohm for Massive Clouds and Bold Flavor

The number of alternate vaping styles, techniques, and procedures has expanded substantially in recent years. With so many options, it’s easy for a vaping newcomer to feel out of place. This website aims to clarify the facts and debunk any myths about Sub Ohm Vaping, a type of vaping popular among intermediate to advanced vapers.

What exactly is sub-ohm vaping and how does it function?

To understanding sub-ohm vaping, we must first comprehend the operation of e-cigarettes. In nearly all electronic vaping devices, a coil of wire wrapped in a cotton wick warms the e-juice to produce clouds of vapour. The resistance of a wire coil is determined by the thickness of the wire, and the unit of resistance is ohms. Sub-ohm vaping means using a device with a coil resistance of less than one ohm, as the name implies. A direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping method is also required when using a sub-ohm device, as well as adequate airflow through the tank.

Sub-ohm vaping necessitates a higher wattage to keep the coil at the same temperature. In the early days of vaping, users had to manually adjust their devices to get them to generate enough power, but sub-ohm vapes have been increasingly common since around 2014. Sub-ohm coils are already available in some pod vapes, but they are frequently less powerful than those found in larger devices.

What are some of the benefits of using a sub-ohm device to vape?

The primary difference while sub-ohm vaping is the significant increase in vapour output. Big clouds are enough of a cause for many users to choose a sub-ohm device, but there are a few other key benefits to consider.


Sub-ohm vaping employs a large amount of e-juice at once, resulting in thicker (and hence more flavorful) clouds. When a sub-ohm vape is used instead of a standard one, some flavours are accentuated.


If you like a warmer vape, sub-ohm is the way to go. High wattages are possible with sub-ohm devices, with up to 200w being very common in today’s larger devices. Low ohms allow you to vape hot without scorching your coils.

What exactly is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is a vaping technique that aims to create the biggest, most thick vapour clouds possible. Cloud chasing is popular all over the world, and there are even cloud chasing competitions where people strive to out vape each other.

Cloud chasers are constantly looking for new ways to lower their ohms, increase their wattage, and increase their airflows. You are not automatically a cloud chaser if you use a sub-ohm vape, but all cloud chaser vapes must be sub-ohm devices.

If you opt to make your own cloud-chasing tanks and coils, be sure you know what you’re doing. You’ll need a thorough understanding of vape safety and electricity to guarantee that nothing goes wrong.

What are the best vapes for cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing demands a tank capable of firing sub-ohm coils at the very least. Getting your hands on an all-in-one device (also known as a pen vape) with a sub-ohm coil is the most straightforward and straightforward way to get started cloud hunting. Pen vapes are power limited and integrate the tank and battery into one device. Sub-ohm pen vapes are a great option for vapers who are just starting started with sub-ohm vaping because they require very little setup.

Many box mods on the market will meet the needs of more experienced users, those who want the biggest clouds, and those who wish to control everything.

Before you can start cloud chasing, you’ll need to connect your box mod to an atomizer that can fire at high power after you’ve chosen one you like. Tanks, drippers, and squonkers are the three types of atomizers used by cloud chasers.


The easiest and most practical method for blowing big clouds is to use tanks. The coil and the e-liquid reservoir are housed in a tank, allowing you to vape for longer periods of time between refills.

Tank upgrades have the downside of providing significantly less adaptability. You’re limited to the coils provided by the manufacturer, which must be replaced on a regular basis (at a cost!).


Atomizers that may be rebuilt are known as Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs). Hardcore cloud chasers choose this type of atomizer, sometimes known as a “dripper,” since it generates the most vape and allows for the most personalization.

With an RDA, there is no tank or reservoir to retain your juice. You remove the cover and drip your e-liquid directly into the coils instead of using a cover.

If you value customisation, an RDA is certainly the better option. Because they are rebuildable, the sky is the limit when it comes to coil design.

Modifications for squonk

Despite their peculiar moniker, “squonk” upgrades could be the most significant improvement in cloud-chasing technology in years. Squonk mods try to combine the simplicity of tank mods with the fat cloud production capabilities of an RDA.

A dripper-style atomizer is used in Squonk mods, along with a flexible reservoir bottle. A small amount of e-liquid is squirted directly onto your coils from the reservoir when you manually pump the squeeze bottle. You can benefit from the better flavour and vapour production of an RDA without having to manually drop e-liquid into your locks every time you want to smoke.

How to Vape with a Sub-Ohm Vape Sub-Ohm for Massive Clouds and Bold Flavor

What’s the most efficient approach to make the biggest clouds possible?
Making the largest clouds possible necessitates a little bit of know-how on your part, as well as the right instruments. There are many finer points to consider, and dedicated cloud chasers may spend hours debating their preferred strategies, but the following should serve as a good starting point.

Use a juice with a lot of VG in it.

PG and VG are the two major ingredients in any e-liquid. Choose a higher VG ratio (70 percent or more) if you want to cloud chase because VG is gentler on the throat and produces larger clouds.

Use the right coil for the job.

Although any coil less than 1 ohm is technically considered “sub-ohm” vaping, you’ll want to go with one that’s less than 0.5 ohms in practise. These coils may burn with a lot more power, have a lot more surface area in contact with the wick, and produce a lot more clouds.

Strength isn’t anything to be terrified of.

Box mods are available in a variety of power ranges. Make sure your sub-ohm atomizer can fire at a high enough power level to get the most out of it. The absolute minimum amount of power you should use is 40 watts. The good news is that most box mods designed for sub-ohm vaping can deliver far more power.

It all comes down to air movement.

If your tank has adjustable airflow, keep it all the way open for sub-ohm vaping. The greatest clouds are created by combining an unrestricted airflow with deep, rapid draws. Slowly pulling on your sub-ohm vape may cause the coils to overheat, compromising the flavour and quality of your vape and perhaps limiting the coils’ lifespan.


The flavour, vapour production, and satisfaction of sub-ohm vaping are well-known. Cloud-chasing is something you should do if you enjoy vaping and don’t mind blowing enormous, fluffy vape clouds.

Cloud-chasing is a noticeable type of vaping, so keep that in mind. People may not like being surrounded by clouds of funky-smelling vapour, so be careful where you vape and stay away from places where smoking is prohibited.

Follow the guidelines in this post to get the best cloud chasing experience possible, whether you use an RDA, tank, or squonk-mod.

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