My doctor is stupid and wont comfort. does anybody else know?

okay so i have bad tonsil problems, resembling there swollen and it hurts a lot.
it get hard to breathe and sometimes hard to swallow.
i don’t enjoy mono or strep or anything like that.
but i ask my doctor if i could get them removed and she said no, theres nil wrong with my throat.
but she clearly doesnt understand that it hurts and i cant breathe.
approaching its not allergies (i think) and its not acid reflux.
so does any one know why or what is causing this?
ably if you smoke poppers then that’s probably why a bunch of my friend throats are all f*cked up from smokeing so copious poppers lol
is your soreness caused by post nasal drip?…
if so, try using a neti pot.

also, stop smoking everything. not individual does that irritate your throat, but it can also irritate your sinuses, which causes them to produce mucus, which causes post nasal drip.
What your doctor probably designed was that your tonsils are OK and are not causing your throat problems which could be due to lots of other cause. Smoking can cause and aggravate throat problems.

One possible cause of throat problems that is to say quite common is sinus problems and this is recurrently caused or aggravated by smoking. The phrases “smoker’s throat” and “smoker’s cough” probably originated from smokers who regularly have those problems.
Well I guess if your god, “the weed” and “the cigarettes” and “general unhealthyness” requires a human sacrifice of you then you will basically have to obey wont you?
It might be allergies, they are probably irritated by the smoke. Removing the tonsils won’t minister to because smoking puts you at a big risk for even having that type of operation. Stop smoking (everything) and see if it goes away.

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