Do you smoke weed or at least possible tried it in the past?

is it true that you can hear your heart beat? and is it normal?

plug ur ears n u can hear ur spine growin
I use to smoke it but parents get sus and gave me a drug test
nuff said.

When i go and get high I can always get the impression my pulse…especially in my neck where on earth they feel for a pulse.

Also, smoking marijuana increases your heart rate, so this is another factor why you can feel your ‘heart beating’
I smoked it no more than 6 times and get psychosis which I now need enthusiasm long treatment for.
I smoke weed everyday.

Not only can I hear my heartbeat, but I can hear EVERYTHING around me.
totally middle-of-the-road. I love weed! best medicine in the world!
yes its normal u should get a medical card and smoke your self retarded its kool!! Source(s): pot-head
i’ve tried weed — never made me hear my heartbeat, however.

hold sometimes heard my pulse in my ear when i wasn’t glorious, though.
There are time when I’m not high and I can hear my heartbeat not exactly sure if its normal though
i own tried pot, and know alot of people who smoke it

all of them articulate no, they do sometimes however hear their pulse if that makes sense, but that has nil to do with weed!! 😉

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