What did i do to my finger.?

ok well today in gym, we be playing field hockey. and we weren’t using like the unadulterated wooden or metal field hockey sticks, just plastic ones. (i’m contained by middle school, lmao, so yea.) while we were playing, my friend emma be trying to hit the ball, and as she was bringing the stick down, she hit my finger really thorny, right where it connects to your hand i guess? anyways, it starting to achieve red and swollen right away. about ten minutes later, we switched to volley bubble, and when i hit the ball, a huge pain shot through my paw with the injured finger. it was swollen and bruised, so i get an ice pack from the nurse. it helped a short time, but it continued to hurt the rest of the day, up until now. it’s still bruised pretty feebly and a little swollen. i have a basketball hobby tomorrow, so i’m going to tape it. what do you think i did to it? i can bend it but it’s sensitive (like when i touch the spot that get hit, it hurts/stings sorta.), and when i put too much pressure on it, it hurts. what do you think i did to it, & how could i help restore to health it? thanks. (:*
knuckles can swell, really easy, but they are really difficult to brake. if you can bend it and move it, it sounds approaching its just bruised, but it will be tender for a Little bit. Good luck Source(s): experience
it sounds as though you have broken your finger i suggest you any tape the hurt finger to one besides it or go to the drug store and buy a finger splint. also you could travel to your doctor and have him x ray it and see if it is truely broken or newly sprained. hope i helped. -stay strong- Source(s): me

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