Can you die by piercing a artery within your earlobe?

so I have double piercings in both my earlobes the first two I have done professionally and the second two I did myself last year (luckily there be no infection) and I want to do third holes myself but my friend told me if you hit a vein in your ear lobe you can die is this true?
plz dont bequeath me the ins and outs of piercing your ears and infections I only want the answer to my question. thx
no, i dont consider so…i pierced my own second holes on both ears and a third lobe on my left ear and my own cartlilage on my right ear. nothing get infected either and i didn’t die lol. i don’t think in attendance are any serious veins, i know that the lower your ear the more blood comes out when you pierce it. and someone told me that if you pierce your ear in a dependable place you can go blind but i really doubt it. unless someone who’s a dr answers this question you might wanna do someone research and stuff so you dont die. and you wouldn’t die from hitting the capillary, you would die from loss of blood.
You don’t have any highest veins in your earlobes. The entry to be sure of is to avoid infection. If you use a dirty needle, then the germs on the needle can travel through the small veins, into the immense veins, allowing the bacteria to grow and spread throughout your body. You can also achieve an infection at the place of penetration, resulting in puss, inflammation, glow and pain. It is a lot easier to acquire an infection in your ear cartilage. I would recommend getting a cartilage piercing done by a professional. Ear lobes are pretty straightforward and people own been piercing them for centuries. If you do your lobe piercing yourself, be sure to clean your lobe next to alcohol and sanitize your needle with alcohol or a flame. Good luck!
Well, it’s indistinguishable question for the veins contained by your lip for a lip piercing, right? I hit a vein when I got my snake bites done, on my vanished side. It bled, alot. But no, you will NOT die. 🙂

when I say it bled alot, I mean no gushing, your ear will probobly a short time ago bled for a while, you wont be like OMG LOOK AT ALL THE BLOOD IM LOOSING!–No.

You will probobly just be close to, wow thats bleeding alot then my other ones.

It hurt alot when they pierced the vein surrounded by my lip, but mostly, you wont be able to tell if you hit it or not. Your friend is, ably, dumb. You’re fine, carry on!

Happy piercing!

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