Embarrassed to ask this…?

Okay so for a past couple months i’ve been going to the bathroom to bear a poop, and sometime i have blood on the toilet paper… after it stops for a while then i have one and the same problem again…sometimes there will be a steak of blood..other times just a couple drops of blood. other times i can see drops within the toilet bowl. It does not hurt at all to go to the bathroom…so i’m in recent times wondering what is up?
Sounds like hemorrhoids to me. I had fundamentally painful hemorrhoids a few years ago. There are some natural cures that you can find at local drug stores, but what cured me be “H Miracle”. You can find it here http://72d5d2j9vfxnfsdgfisb2l6l29.hop.clickbank.net/ Source(s): I’ve had hemorrhoids
it sounds like you enjoy hemorrhoids … no big deal you can go to the pharmacy and grasp a cream preparation H if it starts to bother you … but you can go to the doctor and they will remove them for you which might be a lil painful but if that is to say what the cause is then you will be done next to the bleeding
If the blood is bright red, I’d guess you either have internal hemorrhoids if you don’t quality any bulges on outside of anus, or it could be an anal fissure. You can try some hemorrhoidal suppositories or cream to see if it helps. If not, see a doc.

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