Back hurts when Swallow?

When I swallow my back kind of hurts as powerfully as if I sneeze or yawn..
I’ve talked to my parent and they think it’s the nerves..
it;s be the 2nd day.
does anyone know why?
It could be muscular or impertinence related
Your spine is the largest part of your uneasy system!
If it persists over a week and gets worse , shift to a doctor.
I would see a doctor merely to make sure there’s nothing physically wrong. If there’s nought wrong then you are probably stressed about something and obligation to relax. Try listening to some soothing music, meditate, write in a account, or take a long hot bath.
It can be because you have a muscle pinched within your back. Here is how you can check for that by releasing the muscles there:
Place your moved out hand on your left knees. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and near your fingertips find the muscle next to your spine. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a cavernous breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After nearly 30 seconds there should be a release arranged and when it does slowly lower yourself forward onto your right leg. If you can lean over the outside edge of your leg it will be better for your release. Continue holding for a total of one minute. Then release but rest your body there for one minute longer. Then reverse and do the right side.
the flu?

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