What happen?? Why does it hurt?

Okay, so one week ago I was walking down the stairs, and when I walk down the stair I tramp on my toes, so as I walked down something in my departed foot like popped, or burst, or broke, i don’t know…. But it burned in that one spot for perchance 15 seconds, then it be fine. From then on it has merely hurt to do anything, even when im not doing anything. So it hurts right between my sole and my heel and in the middle it not really noticeably discolored but it’s discolored slightly and its blue. My vein have been really defined ever since, approaching on the inside edge of my foot. One of my friends told me that I popped a vein incompatible and that it would just pop back contained by by itself, well that didn’t happen, so another one of my friends told me that I tore a ligament within my foot, I don’t think that happened any. So one of my other friends told me that I had a stone bruise. That was the most imagined of the 3 but stone bruises are in the sole and heel of your foot and mine is in between those. Plus, I get hurt, when that part of my foot wasn’t on the ground, only my toes be and stone bruises are caused by stepping on small stones or something. I really want to know what is wrong so I can fix it RIGHT away…..

Thank you SOOOOOO much! XD

It is very sturdy to tell exactly what happened, but I don’t presume it’s a stone bruise either.
It sounds like you indeed ruptured something within your foot.

1) Where exactly in your foot does it hurt – you can use this reference chart – http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en…
2) Does it hurt more after you rest or sleep?
3) What liberal of shoes you normally wear?
4) Do you have soaring or low arches?

I would suggest normal treatment which involves stretching and icing at least 4 times a daylight, you should also try and avoid walking on your foot for a little while.

Above all, wear honest shoes with arch supports and rest as much as you can.
If it still doesn’t go away after a few more days consequently I suggest you should have it looked at by a professional.

Good luck!
Go to your doctor first, because they’ll know what’s wrong and can take an x-ray. Until afterwards, keep it elevate it and keep it iced. It’s knotty to know right away whats wrong, until it is officially checked, but good luck! Sorry I couldn’t give a hand more!

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