Can you own both internal and external hemmroids?

cause I have roughly speaking 2 or 3 kinda coming out of my bum but they hang like the external one? and one on the outside below my butthole
yes. those are well removed. the internal ones, if an issue, would be harder to get rid of. just preserve eating a high fiber diet, next to lots of water.
Sammy, I looked at some of your previous posts beforehand answering this one. You indicated that some of the externals do not hurt and are lumpy. You may have a skin tag surrounded by addition to hemorrhoids. A skin tag is typically nil to worry about. In answer to your query…Yes it is possible to have both internal and external hemorrhoids. If they continue to be a problem, see if doc will write a prescription for hydro-cortisone hemorrhoidal suppositories or cream. Good luck.

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