How do you claim for disability?

i have been within a car accident. i hold been off work for 15 days . I be told i can get disability for the loss wages. do i go through work, or through DES. i try calling places its other recordings. Thanks.i live in arizona.
I am in the UK and if we are past its sell-by date work we claim sickness benefit, you don’t get paid for the first 3 days, we seize a sick line from our doctors and complete it and send it to our Tax Office or Inland Revenue, the local Job Centre or Employment department help us. In some cases you can give it to your employer and they can claim it for you. hope this help.
Do you hold a private policy offered to you at work for short term disability?? There are 5 states that require employers to provide some form of short residence disability, but Arizona is not one of them. To qualify for social security disability, you would need to own an impairment that would be expected to keep you from working for over 12 months.
I’m not sure about Arizona, but it sounds approaching you’re talking about Short Term Disability that kick in after a set number of calendar (not work) days. My understanding is that your employer should manipulate this. I’d call the HR department where you work.
if you were hurt in the wreck unrelateover the moonhe job you can’t get workmans comp..send for social security and see if you qualify for ssi its a supplemental and usually temporary..honourable luck.

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