What does it show if you own a white coating on the vertebrae of your tongue?

The back of my tongue has a coat of white on it and I don’t know why. Is this strength threatening? Do I have cancer? How do I get rid of it? All minister to is appreciated, thank you!
Only a Dr can diagnosis you. Do not be fearful. It may be something as simple as not adequate fluids or an infection.
Could be Aids I knew someone that have white on the back of their tongue and they went to the doctor and suspected Aids. They run the tests and sure enough he be infected HIV Positive. Good Luck go to the doctor immediately. Source(s): Friend
No, it’s not cancer. There can be several causes. Have you been on antibiotics? It could be thrush, which is a yeast infection and repeatedly shows up in people who enjoy been on antibiotics. Here are some other causes. Thrush wants a prescription to treat.

It sounds like rinsing your mouth and drinking lots of water should sustain.

From ehow.com

White Tongue
# A white coating occurs when the tiny bumps on the tongue, known as papillae, become inflamed. Inflammation usually happen because of dehydration, fever, mouth breathing or smoking. Food debris, germs and dead cells next get lodged between the swollen papillae and create the white coating. Source(s): http://www.ehow.com/facts_5022239_causes…
if it doesn’t come off it could be thrush

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