How to remove pimple scar similar to the black dots?

since my skin is almost clear how to remove the scars??
i use OLAY total effects with foundation and it fade a lil . . .
what should i do to remove it completely?
) Firstly, other apply a sunscreen whether inside or outside. UV rays from the computer also cause pigmentation. So apply sunscreen regularly at all times.

2) Apply a 4% Hydrquinone cream on the grades and darkened areas. Some Hydroquinone creams come with Sunscreen, but may be expensive. If you cannot afford buy them separately and apply both at the same time.

3)If you are still getting acne and they are turning into black grades, you should apply Azelaic Acid cream which treats both Acne and the scars.

4) You can also apply Tretenoin Cream which is Retino A at night times which treats both the pimples and scar. But never apply them in the mornings if you are going out in the sun.

5) If you are terrifically desperate and want the scars to fade sooner you can opt for more expensive treatments such as Glycolic Peels or other Chemical peels below a Dermatologist.

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If it is scars you cant draw from rid of them with cosmetic products. The only bearing to remove them is to get laser treatments however this can be costly so you should just stick near concealer and foundation if you cannot afford that kind of thing.

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