Allergies suddenly better contained by department building. Why?

I normally suffer from terrible allergies. Yesterday, I go to wait for a specialist’s appointment in an bureau building attached to the local hospital for about two hours. During that time, for the first time in years, my allergies totally disappeared me. So did my asthma and headache symptoms. I really felt amazing.
As soon as I left, they come back.
Out of interest, I went fund to the same building today for a couple of hours – and the same entity happened! I felt great after roughly 30 minutes in the building.

What is so special about this building?
I enjoy a very clean a moment ago renovated house with a $1000 air purifier, whereas the organization building has carpeting, which usually sets off my allergies.

I can’t manufacture any sense of it. Does anyone have any ideas?
The place is very clean. And connected to the hospital so they enjoy a much higher grade cleansing system.
Also you may be allergic to something within you home, that isn’t airborn.
Perhaps it’s because they never open their windows allowing allergens within. My dr’s office requires that no one wear perfume or cologne. Not allowing general public to smoke is also very helpful. Cleaning staff vacuums mat nightly. They probably don’t have curtains. The building might be very very well insulated and have a really great and use purifying system. Most older buildings are not so well-insulated and they be built without allergens in mind.

I hold allergies but not as severe as you do. From everything I’ve read a person should be outdoors on a very fixed basis and keep window closed when it is allergy season.
The nouns filtration system must be better.
If your allergen is airborne, it may be that you spent $1000 on the wrong air cleaning system. I just met beside some business owners that were sold UV lamps to whip care of their smoke problems in their banister. This was a perfect example of human being sold an expensive system for the wrong application. Take a look at the Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit at http://www.allergy-relief-air-purifier.c… This incorporates the ultra-violet lamp for massacre mold and viruses then couples it near a high efficiency electronic filter to remove 97% of the allergens down to 0.3 microns. This is the system used contained by casinos for smoke and odor control and is also applied to hospitals and schools to improve the indoor nouns. It may be that your local hospital is using electronic air cleaners like the Electro Breeze. Just ask, someone should know how to tell you. Good luck. Source(s): http://www.allergy-relief-air-purifier.c…

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