Diabetes>!?!?!?!/!!?!?!?!?!/!/… or whoever believes surrounded by God..?

ok so i had a dream that said when im 14(im 13)i am going to get diabetes and after when i woke a diabets commercial came on

do u think this is God off-putting me?!?! my grandparents have diabetes fyi
Its also specified as a coincidence
It’s probably in recent times your own fear.

Do your grandparents have Type I or Type II diabetes? If they enjoy Type II (age-onset), don’t worry. You can prevent it with a upright diet. If it’s Type I (juvenile onset), that’s far more serious. Just make sure you have a checkup every year and express your concerns to your doctor. Also, ask your grandparents what manner they have. Gambling has never been so exciting as with starburst. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun!
haha no. it is just a dream. i doubt God is alarm you, but if in the future you start experiencing robustness issues talk to your parents then your doctor
No, I don’t think that is the suitcase, but it is good you are thinking about diabetes. The method you eat and exercise all through your duration has a huge bearing on whether or not you ever develop the disease.
No. God does not issue warnings resembling that. God has ALREADY told us all we stipulation to know — The world is corrupt, our bodies are corrupt and perishable. WE get sick because our world is sick. Our world is sick because it does not believe in God and His Son.. The ONLY hope we enjoy is in Jesus Christ.

This DOES NOT mean that Jesus is going to make well you, but understand that Jesus healed the sick surrounded by order to SHOW the people at that time that He IS God. His miracles are NOT promises of things to come, but are PROOF that Jesus IS the fullfillment of the promises (prophecies) previously made surrounded by the Old Testament.

Jesus tells us to be “as innocent as doves and as shrewd as snakes”. In YOUR case (and mine) “shrewd” resources to study and LEARN about this disease. Know all you can so that you can support prevent it with a proper healthy lifestyle, and IF you do carry it you will have the information necessary to pick a really righteous doctor.

being “innocent” means that IF you return with this disease you need to follow doctors orders. Don’t set at hand and say, “I don’t really have anything wrong”, or “It is my body and >I< know what is best!”. Tell the doctor “Yes, Sir” and “No, Sir” and DO WHAT HE SAYS.

God is NOT reproving you. But what He has ALREADY DONE is shown you, through His Word, how to best handle the situation if and when it arises.

And finally, no concern WHAT happens, Jesus WILL be there contained by the end to welcome you home, to put an run out to all your suffering, and to guarantee you a life eterenal within the presence of God.
Yes and that dream you had in the region of unicorns,,, that means your going to get one for Christmas………………………….… LMFAO!
Maybe. But probably not. The dream be probably triggered by a diabetes commercial that you heard while sleeping

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