How do I lose 1-2 pounds a week for 10 weeks undamagingly?

I’m a teenager that isn’t horribly over wieght-just a little chubby.I’d close to to gain some confidence, and control myself from over eating during the holidays.Any help 😕
Perhaps a web investigate for “losing weight slowly but surely” might be useful.
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You can lose substance safely — at 1-2 pounds per week — by counting calories and increasing your physical exercise levels. Eat no a lesser amount of than 1200 calories per day; in reality, try 1400 at first, because teenagers have higher metabolisms than elder people do and can eat more. But be sure to check portion sizes beside care. Human beings have a notorious tendency to underestimate portion sizes and therefore to underestimate how lots calories they are consuming.

Don’t listen to people who go on and on roughly how much “cardio” exercise you must do. Calories count more, and simply stepping up your physical activity levels will help out. It doesn’t matter what you do: a mile of brisk walking 3-4 times a week will help. Ride a bike, give somebody a lift a dance class. Anything that increases your activity level will be useful.

As far as holiday eating is concerned, try to stick to proteins and vegetables: the turkey, the ham, the beef, the vegetable side dishes. Swear past its sell-by date the sweets. If you fill up on protein and vegetables, and good carbs at breakfast (cereals short a ton of sugar added, plus a fruit item and a little protein), you won’t want the cakes and cookies as much, or you will at tiniest be able to limit your consumption.

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