How can a childish girl take a toned stomach/ six pack?

Ok so im currently doing 200 crunches, 100 lef lifts. Is that enough?? How long shud i work out? should i do any other exercises to get hold of good girl abs? I dont want like really ripped guy abs but also at like time not to small girl abs just the right abs for a girl. Please suggest any good exercises! appreciation i appreciate it!
your a young girl and you want a six pack?
thats enough ur doing
girls have flat stomachs and boys enjoy abbs Source(s): me
I prefer a girl without a six-pack… as do most guys I know. Girls who have flat stomachs are sexy, rock tricky abs for girls isn’t cool. Girls are supposed to have more fat than guys, and guys want to surface like they’re with someone who have a little more fat than they do.. so unless you’re dating some bodybuilder, a six pack isn’t necessarily.

BUT, if you still want a six pack, the best article to do is vigorous activity… you’re abs can be super rock-hard but they won’t show if you have some fat within.

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