How can I fix this problem?

I love eating healthy and I enjoy the ultimate willpower when it comes time to resisting sweets, fatty foods, eating out at restaurants and even my favorite food opponent pasta. The thing is whenever I sit down to eat a spread I sometimes find it hard to not overeat. Even when I’m full I still want to eat more. I munch through slow and have been drinking a cup of water before every dinnertime but it’s still really hard. I would cook less food but I don’t want to starve my husband. What can I do to support fix this problem?

Thanks for taking the time to read and/or answer my question!
Are you over weight ? or at a well brought-up weight and afraid that your eating behaviour could result in getting overweight.

my solution is to eat more frequently throughout the daylight smaller meals that way your body will acquire used to being full while still getting enough food to surface full and satisfied with out have urges to over eat at dinner time.
well, if you try to gain yourself into an activity like dance, sports, etc. do not buy any candy or tell your mom not to make pasta and buy juice and sweets and stuff like thta.
try going to the gym twice a week. Get involved in different things and especially do not suggest about food as much. always remind yuorself what can crop up if you continue this habit. you should follow this for at smallest 21 days and then you will stop. it is proven that the brain needs to bring back useed to something for 21 days then it just become natural.
i understand this is really hard for you right now.

i hope i helpedd you.

Good Luck!

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