How can I look slim?any special cut or design? I am 5feet2 inches and 56Kgs.?

Take a walk everyday…
You have adjectives good answers so far.

Rule of thumb:

Use: High hills, accompany, by vertical strips garments (slacks, shirts, long dresses) hair style to add echelon (some people can add as much as foot by using well-mannered wigs alone).

But to reduce (be really slim) you inevitability to exercise, and eat less next you burn up by doing things.

Mathematics is very simple but takes lots of discipline.

To burn 1 pound of podgy you need to burn about 3500 calorie. So to loose 1 pound within a month you need to consume 900 calories per week less consequently you burn up, that is about 130 calories per hours of daylight less then you burn up this is incredibly doable, without major sacrifice.

If you follow this it will steal 24 months or 2 years. But you can do more 1 pound per week is the most I recommend, that is 500 calories per day. For most relatives this is not that easy but do what you feel is doable for you, start out slow and do little more sunshine by day and see the results.

Tips: Vegetarians have easier time reducing (slimming down).

Please click on “minootoo” to see my other answers they enjoy sites listed on them, which will provide more info and some other answers will guide you also. Good luck, you must slim down not for the looks but for health, you will have a feeling energetic and well.

But contained by the mean time follow my answer to a Question asked few moths ago, you will find it by clicking on “minootoo” then “best answers”, next on “How to look thinner”? It tells you some tricks and some actual ways to slim down.
wear black … V shaped neck and dont wear stripes specially vertical
hey, you can try body reshaping garments from ardyss. relations mostly go for the product called body artifice. they offer alot of quality products to facilitate you look slim trim and ready to win lol. just check out the site and if you own any question just email me.

pious luck.
Your BMI = 22.5 A person have 62–63 inches in height should hold 104–135 lbs.(Normal weight) Your weight is 56 Kg (123lbs) and you are healthy. Source(s):………

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