How come I or other those don’t consideration a different when I gain or lose 5-7 pounds?

From time to time I overeat and gain about 5-7 pounds but there’s really not any difference when I look within the mirror and other people don’t notice it any. Same thing when I lose those pounds. And I’m sure it’s not water immensity because I know when that happens. I’m around 125 pounds before attainment my usual 5-7 pounds. I’m 5’6 tall. Do you notice it when you gain around that solidity? Is it weird that I don’t notice it? I used to weigh 160 pounds.
I gain and lose up to 9 Pounds adjectives the time No biggie
this is because the first ten pounds that you lose are water solidity. After those ten pounds, you start to lose actual weight. The water counterweight makes a small difference in your appearance.
Good luck
obviously not. gain or lose 20 pounds, then a difference will be clear.

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