Will my teachings teeth close my gap?

A person told me that when my wisdom teeth grow contained by they’ll fill in adjectives the gaps in my teeth, so in a minute I’m really curious. My teeth are like all straight surrounded by a line and I only hold just a couple gaps between my teeth which aren’t severely big. My wisdom teeth are already starting to grow in and so far I ruminate my teeth have moved closer together. Does anybody know if the growth of wisdom teeth will push my teeth closer together and close those gap?

(I really wanna avoid braces..)

Will my wisdom teeth push my teeth closer together and close my gaps?
Make sure the wisdom teth are not growing into the adjacent tooth (impacted).
I’m not sure since I have to have my wisdom teeth removed to prevent dental problems within the future. Usually braces are supposed to get rid of those gap. Sorry.

because of human evolution our mandibles are no longer big adequate to with hold the 3rd molars that grow in (wisdom teeth) if they are not removed it can motive serious problems to the teeth already in your mouth as they most likely will grow surrounded by a way that is not favorable which is why we hold them removed in the first place… the longer you let them grow the bigger the nerves find and the more painful they will be during the healing process..

if you really want your gap to close you have to get braces maybe in your case it sounds approaching invisalign would be a good option for you…

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