How prominent are teeth to girls?

I’m only 22 and I think I’ve get horrible teeth. When I was younger, I didn’t take correct care of them, but I didn’t really think it be a big deal. But someone made a comment about them within college, and I feel VERY self conscious about it. I’ve started to bear care of them now by giving up fizzy liquid and eating less sweets etc, but they are still not the best. It’s affecting my confidence and self esteem really defectively.
How important are teeth to girls? I am still single and I can’t help thinking this is the function for it. Please be honest!
well, 1st off, are they wonky or of late in a bad agency. if in a bad bearing, go to your dentist and explain your feelings, ask for a verbs and polish (doesnt hurt, normal thing) if they are wonky, maybe braces? my teeth are wonky but i enjoy a fear of the dentist so i wont/cant get braces. so i assume teeth are not that important. altho im more of a ‘its whats on the inside that counts’ kinda girl.
You can start out first by using over the counter teeth whiteners, next make an appointment to see a dentist to take caution of any problems that cant be taken care of with over the counter stuff. You should do it for yourself, not a moment ago to be more attractive to girls tho…..your teeth can actually affect your health; and resembling you have said, self-esteem issues as well. There are plenty of girls out at hand who look at more than teeth, obviously, but depending on how bad they are (and they may not be as fruitless as you think), they can could well be giving some girls reason to lull. Good luck to you….
Teeth are pretty important to many girls. In one of my college classes, when students be asked what physical attributes they looked for in the opposite sex, nice smile or virtuous teeth was mentioned a lot, and more so by women than men. So base on that and my own preferences, I’d say that having a robust smile matters. If you have missing or decaying teeth, relatives may assume you are not healthy, don’t take thinking of yourself, or are too poor to go to a dentist. If your teeth are really bad, some ancestors may even think you do meth! All that aside, teeth aren’t the only article that matter to women, and I’ve seen plenty of nation with bad teeth within happy relationships. But if you are really self-concious and unhappy near your teeth, start saving up your money and get them fixed.
Women like for their teeth to be great and their boyfriends too. If your teeth are really fruitless either you’ll have to grasp a girl that looks like cactus jack or win them with a amazing self.

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