Is near an alternative to braces?

My dentist told me I might need braces. Could I get something else besides braces, approaching veneers or lumineers or something? I know it probably depends on what the problem is. He just told me my teeth are road off center, but he didn’t go into detail because I hold other problems I need to take consideration of before i deal next to the straightening. I will ask him when I go back subsequent month, but just wondering if someone on here might know based on what I’ve said.
Invisalign (:
braces are the best channel to fix your smile(:
those clear braces work, but take Way longer. i think they suck, but idk, thats up to you.
braces didnt bug me. they purely hurt when you get them tightened, put on and off. you can run medicine to stop the pain though:)
You can obtain some clear plastic ones that look like a mold of your teeth, but u’ll talk near a bit of a lisp for a while with those. Personally braces didn’t bother me, you can get different colour band on them, which get changed monthly so you can change them depending on how you perceive. You can get white brace bands which form them look near invisible apart from after a curry (the bands stain yellow).
the individual only way to straighten your smile is braces

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