My late tooth hurts and the strange item is.?

I had an accident as a child when i be 11 or 12 years old im now 20 and i hold a black dead tooth. ( front left ) just this minute its been causing me aching shooting down through out teh toot, how ever the strange part is teh pain merely accurs when my nose hurts my left nostrol ( inside ) feel like a hair have been plucked ! and when i get that notion my tooth hurts ? any explanations ?
I wonder if you’re developing an abscess on your dead tooth. It’s usually located at the tip of your root which would be where the niggle seems to be originating. I would guess that the tooth would also feel different from your other teeth when you tap on it next to your fingernail. Your dentist may want to take an x-ray of the area to check for an abscess surrounded by that area.
I have a front bottom tooth which have been dead (nerve deceased, bluish in colour) for 16 yrs. it has be loose a couple of times over the years but always seems to set itself. i doubt if the braces afect it except strengthen it as your other teeth will support it. It most definatley wil not come out when the braces do. when the braces do come out i suggest getting a root canal on that tooth as just because the cheek is dead does not mean you own to loose it. a root canal removes the dead nerve(and injected near some sort of resin/filler) which has probably been cause by some hard impact on the tooth. a root canal will brighten the tooth too so it wo’nt be as evident. you are worrying yourself unnesseccarily.

this is due to the periapical abscess in relation to the death tooth, which approx underneath the left nostril.
you will have to budge to a dentist for RCT or apicoectomy of the dead tooth.
You might have a root conduit. If I were you goes your dentist as soon you can. Have them check it out.

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