How to make clear to if your dry socket is therapeutic?

How to tell if your dry socket is healing?

I have two tooth extracted on november 3rd on the lower left side of my mouth. Two days later I go back because of the pain and they said I have a possible dry socket. The cleaned it and sent me home. 2 days later i was put money on with the pain again and the said i specifically had a dry socket. They packed it and made me an appointment for 4 days subsequent. I returned and got my packing removed. It has be over two weeks and my jaw still ache sometimes I of late wanna know how to tell if it healing?
You could still own a dry socket, I would go back to the dentist and enjoy them checked….alot of time patients are fine after having the socket packed next to medication one time, but often times medication has to be crammed more than once. you may just need to enjoy it packed again and let it sit for a couple days. Source(s): myself

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