How to bring rid of multiple mouth ulcer?

Okay, so every month and a half or so my mouth breaks out with ulcer. Not just one, like at the minimum 4, right in a minute i have 10. They are as painful as the run of the mill ulcer, except i have them everywhere so its intricate to not eat on that side of my mouth and those types of tricks. I haven’t eaten anything hot. They are beneath my tongue, on the tip of my tongue, or the back of my mouth, on the inside of my lip, and on my gums. Does anyone know what causes this and how to return with rid of it?
p.s. it is not strep throat.
You need to see a doctor the sores may be caused by MRSA it is an antibiotic immune virus that spreads and wants long term treatment
Actually they are called aphthous (correct spelling) mouth ulcer or canker sores.
Treat systemically with a natural supplement call Lysine.
Sometimes called L-Lysine.
500-700 mgs per capsule depending on the brand
Reasonably priced.
Available contained by pharmacies that carry supplements or places like GNC.
Also available on row.
Take double the recommended dose until your lesions clear up.
Then continue to cart it preventatively and they will not come back.
Check out Lysine on line for info how and why this works
better and faster than any other therapy.
I’ve used it successfully for years.
Multiple mouth ulcers (also known as apthous ulcer or apthous stomatitis) is an autoimmune disorder whose etiology is actually unknown. Some possible causes are:

1.) Stress
2.) Lack of sleep
3.) Nutritional defect
4.) Certain types of foods
4.) Physical trauma
5.) Possible symptom of other systemic disorder such as Crohn’s Disease

The best way to treat these painful ulcer without a prescription is simply to use palliative treatment such as orajel, orabase (any topical anesthetic that numbs the area). Prescription medication that may help would be corticosteroids to control the symptoms of numerous ulcer.
A good idea might be to hold on to a log of the times that these ulcers occur and bit down what you were eating a week prior or if you experienced any extraordinary activity that prevented you from sleeping or increased your stress level. Citric fruits (oranges, lemons) hold also been speculated to cause these ulcer.

In addition to all this, it is prominent to make sure you receive enough nutrition contained by your diet.
Zinc supplements and especially vitamin B12 should be taken regularly which could help prevent these ulcers from occurring.

I hope this help and possibly prevents you from enduring these painful lesion. I would start by making sure to take a vitamin/mineral supplement with plenty zinc and vitamin B12 and getting enough sleep (avoiding stressful situations). Also, avoid citric fruits when possible. When these lesions are present, avoid using alcohol base mouthwashes such as listerine as these will aggravate and intensify the condition. This is not a bacterial infection so listerine won’t help. Use crest pro-health that has equal benefits without the alcohol. Good luck

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